GETSUN Car Shampoo

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GETSUN Car Shampoo

High concentration of dense foam extending solution in the body attachment time, and more fully, clean more, thoroughly. This is very suitable for sexual friction washing ( Computer brush roll, hand washing, cleaning, and other contact friction), effectively reduce the wear contact, have not to scratch. Contains unique clean soft active agent emulsifying effective clean body on the Day-ton-Day dirt. With the stealth solar films to reach antioxidant effects. Contains lemon flavor you can enjoy the wonderful feeling of the smell of lemon while washing the car. Biodegradable formula ingredients can be directly discharged into city sewers will not pollute the environment. According to one, the ratio is 1: 150, the goods will uniformly mixed with water and sprayed with foam machine in the body next to or washing sponge uniform surface body, which produces large variety ob. the bubble then washes sponge evenly alone the body to wipe again, rinse well with water. Do not drink, if not carefully swallowing, please immediately trigger vomiting splash into the eyes, rinse with the copious amount of water and requested medical treatment. Do not let children contact.


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