Nos headrest neck pillow

  • Material: Artificial Plush
  • Filling Material: Synthetic Fiber
  • The external material: Short plush
  • species: headrest
  • Internal filling material: cotton
  • pattern: Nitrogen gas bottle

৳ 950.00 ৳ 750.00

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1. High quality plush pillowcase + PP cotton
2. Fine finish, excellent practicality and durability.
3. Care for your neck, relax your muscles, make your life driving more comfortable, safer, healthier!
4. Neck pillow can effectively prevent the car floating and caused by a long neck curve, pain, fatigue.
5. Its main function is to protect the neck. In the event of an accident, due to the collision of the huge impact of the head suddenly thrown back, so that the crew was more serious, even fatal injuries.
6. Universal fit for all vehicles and four seasons.


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